Jesus’ Flock Academy has received its permit to operate Senior High School Academic Track in the year 2016 with offerings for STEM, GAS, HUMMS, and ABM. The academic programs are all aligned with the Department of Education’s curriculum guide.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics offers the needed academic grounding for students who are inclined to seek tertiary programs related to the sciences, mathematics, and technology.

The Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand equips students with a wide range of discipline with the use of their experiences and skills into the investigation and inquiry of human situations by studying its behavior and social changes using empirical, analytical, and critical method techniques. HUMSS will give every learner a deeper understanding of culture, politics, literature, arts, and society.

The Accounting and Business Management strand (ABM) is designed to train students in the basic concepts of business administration, financial management, and corporate operations.

The General Academic Strand (GAS) offers electives from the different academic strands that provide knowledge covering the other specializations. So, a student gets the best of the strands, except STEM.


The Business Defense

Students are trained in their business-related subjects such as Marketing and Accounting to conceptualize and present an actual business plan and defend it in a panel of people well-known in the business field.  

The Capstone Project

This is specifically given to students under STEM. They are tasked to work on a project that culminates their academic learnings and intellectual experiences from their science-related courses.


Research Defense

Students have their Practical Research 1 & 2 courses which prepare them to go through the process of inquiry and discovery on a chosen topic. These courses are completed with students presenting and defending their report in a panel of people respected in the academic field.

Work _Immersion

Work Immersion

This is an exciting activity looked forward by our students because they get to go out of the school and be exposed with work-related environment connected to their field of specialization.


Culminating Activity

This is a special event where the all the projects of the Year 12 students are showcased. Parents, partner companies, year 11 students, Deped officials, and the staff of the school are present to witness this activity where we recognize the hard work exhibited by our students. In this event, we also acknowledge the top performing students in Business Defense or Capstone Project, Research Defense, and Work Immersion.